What to carry

This list is just the basics of what you need. Try to travel as light as possible, but pack whatever necessities you require.

  • Self Inflating Mattress – this is highly recommended as it takes very little space but still provides comfort. The First Ascent brand from Cape Union Mart is good – we would recommend the Dream Deluxe model for those that are taller and heavier
  • Sleeping Bag – something that is light and not too warm as it does tend to get hot in Aqsa
  • Plastic Bowl,Spoon,Knife,Plate,Cup – for suhoor and iftaar – please mark your items with your name
  • Cereal , Biscuits, Tea Bags,etc – whatever you prefer to have for suhoor / iftaar please bring along – sachets are preferable as it takes up less spaceĀ  – try not to pack too much though
  • Single bed sheet and pillow – vacuum pack these if possible
  • Towels – bath towel for the room and hand towel for itikaaf – you will only shower in Itikaaf if you require a fardh ghusl
  • Comfortable walking shoes and sandals for wudhu – prior to Itikaaf we may be doing some walking so wear a good comfortable shoe that does not take up alot of space – sandals / Crocs are preferred for making wudhu and for the toilet areas as it is easy to clean afterwards
  • Medication – please bring along whatever prescription medication you require as well as general medication for headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, etc
  • Clothing – a light jacket incase it gets cold – bring loose fitting Kurta’s that are easy to handle when going to the toilet.
  • Miswaak / Quraan / Itr / Tasbeeh / Travel Musalla / Kitaabs – please bring your own quraan that you are used to reading and whatever kitaabs you would like to read. Also bring a very small travel musalla with
  • Medium Sized Suit Case and Small Backpack – please bring items that are easy to carry
  • Small Liquid Hand Soap / Tissues / Face Towel – to make wudhu,etc easier
  • Toiletries – please bring whatever toiletries you may require incl deodorants, toothpaste,etc
  • Heel Balm / Glysolid – for cracked heels
  • Cellphone Charger and adaptor(two pin) – please be vigilent of your cellphone at all times and do not leave it charging unattended
  • Packets – a few packets would be ideal to keep dirty clothes,etc
  • Plastic Sheets – a few disposable plastic sheets to be used as a dastarkhaan